Friday, August 23, 2013

Spiti & Ladakh (in wide)

Also some useful places to stay: Leh: Shashipa Guest House, Chubi -- Great, great place to stay. INR 600 for the top room. Excellent view. Great food. 01982-251251, 9906993801 Srinagar: HB Rolling Stone (House Boat), Nig'een lake, Sudrabal -- Lovely houseboat, old and charming. INR 1000 per person per night including breakfast and dinner. INR 15000 (for one room of 2) if you want to stay for the month excluding breakfast and dinner. Uncle is a bit strange but very nice. 01942423620. His son Hilal also drives 9906405076

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Diti said...

so pretty, jaya!

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