Friday, August 01, 2008


we are. so here. so there.

i went to zenzi last night, after what seemed like some eons.
to hear nikhil sing.
i've never missed nash and diti more in my life.
never ever.
i really feel like nash and dits are mine.
(and i do want to remain theirs)

in my ever so drunken but happy state, i really started thinking about all my friends
(the place was bubbling with people right from colaba - xaviers - old work - new work -- so many people!)

there are some friends that you really liked but grow so far apart from that you don't know how to recover it (e.g., son and dex)
while there are some that become a taken-for-granted always there and perhaps will be there for life kind of scene (e.g., veena and rucha)
there are some new friends (who are really friends by default) that you want to take your time to get to know (e.g., avadhut)
there are some friends, who you think things will never be the same again with because you were careless and stupid, and your usual non-consequence thinker self (e.g., sarin)
and then there are the old hang out friends who you spent a lot of time with during some event or the other but don't really know what to say when you meet after seven years (e.g., neesa)
then there are colleagues who occasionally double on friends (e.g., sharad and snigdha)
then there are some friends who change so radically that you hardly recognize them anymore except for the occasional streak of comminality (e.g., anchit)
and there are some timeless friends, who appear in your life every now and then, with a bottle of wine, and a chat gets you by for the next couple of years (e.g., chitra and cora)
and then there is dan and sam. who are a different kind of friend altogether.

(i'm sure there are many other kinds of friends that i've missed out also -- but know that the love is there)


flaming coppercat said...

and then there are friends who are like bhajiyas in the monsoon [for eg. jaya]

Bulbul said...

Profound, J. Really.

dramaqueen said...

then there are some friends who start as work friends then become friends then grow far apart into friends' friends then become friends then hug during a sad movie and don't talk again for months (e.g. tanu)