Sunday, May 19, 2013


Two weeks ago, I was in a land I never really thought I would visit just yet. In January, she said, "How about Madagascar." I said maybe later when we have more than two weeks to travel. But I know how later goes and quickly changed my mind. A few days later, we booked our tickets.

We reached Nairobi on April 28, Ann flew in from Amsterdam and me from Mumbai. I was so glad to see her among all those tall undutchables walking through Gate 11. My flight arrived 30 minutes before hers. One coffee and one cigarette later, we were on our next Kenyan Airways flight to Madagascar.

The whole experience was just wow. We didn't get to see too much of the country, cause you need at least a month, if not three to see Madagascar, but we spent our 2 weeks exploring the 'Wild West', trying to reach the 'Beautiful South' but not quite making it :) The experience was fabulous, packed with crazy-starry skies, crimson sunrise and sunsets, ox-cart villages, breathtaking waterfalls, taxi brusses, Robinson-Crusoe style stranded island adventures, lobsters right from the sea, electricity-less life, delicious Malagasy-French food, and rasta friends. Too bad I couldn't find the perfect soundtrack!

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