Sunday, February 17, 2013

Goa and I

Moving to Goa has been so nice. We (Snigdha, Radha, and Jaya) reached on December 2 to scout around. Where to live. How to live. Who to live.

Nash had his hands and house full with Guru, Sniggy, Rads, Vicky, Joana, Ana, and me (and Ann for a little while) all meshed up into community style chilling at Nashville in Soccor. Nashville is one of the most beautiful homes you ever will visit.

In week 2, for some learning fun, we turned the whole of Nashville into a giant digestive system with each room being an organ (or set of organs). We made some posters and prepared some nice, fun activities and invited folks from the neighborhood to come and learn about it. The concept, "Where's my pav gone", started with pav (bread) at the top through the mouth moving down the esophagus (about 200 bottles strung together) into the stomach where it was dipped into coca cola (acidic) to break it down, with further help from our enzyme friends. The kids then went through the small intensities (tarpoline tunnels) and then through the large intestines to land up into the toilet (their pav :)). We rounded off the evening with some tea and story telling with Snigdha, our resident chai expert. About 17 kids and 17 adults came to enjoy the experience.

The rest of the month went lazying around, exploring Goa, finding a house and in new year celebrations.

On Jan 1 I came to Mumbai with Ann to show her this crazy city in 2 days! I wrapped up my work thingis in Mumbai and headed back to set up home with Snigdha later in the month :) We picked a lovely breezy house in Donapaula near Panjim.

Now that everything's settled, work life too is on in full swing. Way too many plans for 2013 and the new TT table at Nashville is a big distraction :) So is the sea :)


Rishi Rawat said...

Sounds like a lot of fun.

hp said...

O Lordy! What an awesome update on what you have been upto. I envy you for having the Goa sunshine! I desperately need to escape this winter, also I need an overdose of Goan food! lol
Miss you guys.