Friday, October 05, 2012


I killed everybody and holed myself in to finish my masters: write my thesis, study for that one tough exam, give the talk and leave! So it's done, and I'm down to less than a month in Europe. 20 days travelling with mom through Munster, Salzburg, Athens, Paros, Santorini, Delphi, Paris, and Gran Canaria. Then last 10 days in NL, with a brief weekend in Berlin.

Things that confused me this week:
> Science is based on the premise that the universe is random and there is no coincidence. And yet, the way we search for causes suggests that there is a reason for everything. Does this mean that nothing is random, or  is there a constant called random cause

> The multiverse view is more mainstream than not in the quantum physicist's mind. It is interesting that the "bubble" theory is the same as that proposed in the Vedic physics book I am reading, published before the bubble theory.

> We reached Athens yesterday. The non-touristy parts are shockingly like Mumbai. What is wrong with cities. The population of Greece is 10 million, 4.5 of which live in Athens. What is wrong with cities? I'm excited about finding a good book on Greek cosmogony. In Greece neh means yes :)

> Is it a coincidence that the word revolution is about something coming full circle. Is this gonna end in a full circle: wealth increases > people consume beyond need > crisis (one revolution?)

I write some long stories soon. I miss it.

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