Monday, June 11, 2012

Wake Up Campaign for Mumbai

...and perhaps other lost cities of the world: where-ever the sky is greyed with pollution

posters, stickers, banners, car paint, carrying placards, blogs, t-shirts

Some of the messages:
More Open Spaces | Less Ugly Buildings
More Public Spaces | Less Malls
More Bicycles | Less One-Member Cars
More Trees | Less Cement
More Solar, Wind, Hydro | Less Oil
More Uniqueness | Less Brands
More Art | Less Posh
More Functional | Less Fancy
More Need | Less Want
More Humility | Less Ego
More Natural Light | Less Tubes
More Meditation | Less Idolization
More Life | Less News
More Community | Less 'Less Community'
More Human Being | Less Human Resource

Marathi, Hindi, English

What do you'll think?
I'm leaving Mumbai but it's still been home for 20 years.

How to execute this?

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