Sunday, June 10, 2012

Astronomy in Timor Leste!

This is a photo story of a journey I took to the country Timor-Leste with the larger aim of introducing astronomy among the children and public. The project was a student ambassador project of the Universe Awareness Foundation (, where I am currently completing an internship.

Our days were packed with activity, laughter, tempers, disillusionment, hope, joy, and love. We conducted activities for over 800 kids over two days, one in the capital city of Dili and one in a town-village called Gleno, a teacher’s training program for about 40 teachers on how to introduce astronomy in the classroom, and a public observing event for the transit of Venus, which occurred on June 6, attended by about 3800 people from the capital.

We were the team: Cindy (our ever trusty project officer, who took care of our lives), Pedro (the international project manager of UNAWE, our supervisor and guide), Ana (the program coordinator from Timor-Leste, an amazing spirit and math teacher and almost an astronomer), Carla (a super-passionate Portuguese fellow student and dear friend), Ainil (a gentle Indonesian soul and an excellent astronomy out-reacher), and me (a universe opener).

I hope you enjoy the journey (this is the short version. For all 300-something snaps and the complete story, click here)


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