Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Purpose Behind the Science: Nikola Tesla |1 Tesla = 100 Gauss ;)

In physics, we study Tesla in the context of someone who contributed to discovering the harnessing of electricity and as the master of magnetic flux. Let's start with a basic understanding of magnetic flux. Magnetic flux can be seen as the amount of magnetic energy flowing into a surface. A magnetic field, in turn, is a mathematical description of a particular field pattern created by electric currents in a material or environment. The environment can be as large as the Earth (and has no bounds) and the pattern of the Earth's magnetic field is shown below.

Any object with a flow of current (or electron motion relative to an observer) has a magnetic field.  Too much physics?

Coming back to Tesla, his claim to fame was for proposing "the" method to produce electricity on a large scale, and several other inventions. But Tesla was much more than his discoveries. He had vision. And this documentary will tell you all about it:

Sadly, Tesla was born in unreasonable times and it's strange that we're still living in the same sort of unreasonable times. Wake up science, expand your horizons to encourage and guide and be guided by men like Tesla.

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