Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wake Up Action Plan: Step 1

will there ever be one?

i was thinking of all the things to personally do to start the change i so desperately want.
so how do i go about doing it?

here's some (that have already started):
1. stop to purchase things i don't really need
2. stop wasting water and electricity, really trying, not fake trying
3. regularly practice yoga and meditation
4. smile at everyone, irrespective
5. really stop judging, it's fucking tough, but can be done, discern but don't judge
6. love without expectation, this is an even tougher one!
7. find out where everything you consume comes from and make responsible choices
8. try and make my moral code as sincere and living by that moral code also sincere (though they can and should still be fluid morals)
9. send out as many good thoughts as i can in a day to everyone who needs them
10. start to connect with people more without being afraid of their judgement
11. don't eat non-veg food with bad animal-living practices (i.e., become vegetarian)

harder ones:
1. towards making "learning" a lifelong process through different media
2. towards taking the "evil" out of money
3. towards helping people realise their natural calling in karm

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