Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Thought of the Day

Something that's been on my mind lately is how we've taken the concept of "selling" to a whole new level. And people are even commended on their ability to convert any concept and sell them.

I wonder about the history of selling. I imagine that it started off with simply food, moving on to clothes, building materials, and the ball just got rolling from there. Today though, it's become quite a different picture. We're selling everything, even intangible aspects: "time" "experience" "knowledge" "advice" "fun" "happiness" -- we're selling everything, without really thinking about the fact that we're "selling" it, for exchange. In Belgium, you can't get "free" water at most restaurants, and water there is more expensive than beer, wine, and coke.

The concept of "selling your soul" is not a new one. So has (wo)man done this before: the cycle of soul selling? Are we headed there again?

Let's think about it for a while: What shouldn't I be selling and how does that affect me, my family, my community, my society, my state, my nation, my world, and finally my universe.

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