Wednesday, August 31, 2011


So after travelling to London, Leiden/Amsterdam, Bruge, Barcelona, and Florence, our last stop was supposed to be Rome for 4 days. But we decided to cop it (to cop = to ditch, change, etc.). After much deliberation we chose this lovely island called Ischia, off the coast of Naples.

Simply brilliant idea.

We stayed in an area called Forio in a super lovely hostel. The hostel was charming and when we arrived there was a note on the desk saying "We're at the beach, please call us." Sigh!

Ischia is famous for it's thermal springs (which were a surprise) and lovely beaches. We went to the one near Panza for a midnight dip and it was perfect. The 1000 steps, the cliff, the wine, the hot water, the stars, the company. Perfect.

We also climbed to the top of Mount Epemo for a stunning view, and the rest of the time, we just bummed on the beaches. The crowd at Ring Hostel was good fun, with our three other roommates being two theater actresses and one urban-planner-traveller. And there was also Shaun of the dead :), a curious Kiwi character, a bar owner turned Ischia-prenuer. We met quite a few people at the hostel who came for a few days but stayed for over a month. Yeah, the island's that great :)

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