Saturday, August 20, 2011


I loved Barcelona! I loved it so much that I'm seriously considering living there for six months after I graduate.

We stayed at the UAB campus 30 min away from the beach front by train. There for almost a week, we started our first (second) day visiting the Sagrada Familia. It's an incredible place of worship. The way Gaudi, the architect, used light and nature is inspiring. If you don't know Gaudi's work, it'll be well worth your while to start now. I completely love the concept of Tapas.

Having left Sagrada Familia wanting more, on Day 2 we headed to Park Guell (a park designed by Gaudi). It was incredibly interesting, but greedy Jaya expected more :) At night we headed to Barceloneta in search for a lomo store. It was charming and lovely and I could cry. We had our first full on dinner with delicious paella, orujo and pacharraan (try everything!)

On Day 3, we went to La Rambla and to the beach. The market to the right of La Rambla was muchos flavorfulos. It was really nice to see how a crowded city could have such a clean beach. With blue water even. Blue greedy water that swallowed my glasses. Hazy and blurry eyed we went and actually found a lovely Colombian optician (who looked 100% Indian!) who was kind enough to open his store (it was past 8) and fit me a new pair of specs.

On Day 4, we headed out to see the Dali museum in Figueres, about an hour away from Barcelona. Ahem! Day 5 came, our last lovely day in Barcelona was dedicated to beach bumming. I found these colourfab Maz shoes, which are perfect for grassing and rocking around. The shops on La Rambla are all owned by Pakistanis or Indians. They treated us like their own and usually directly quoted half the price for all those small things you want to memorize into a box and take home :)

Here's to you, Barca:

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ana_sez said...

envy you sometimes! rock on!! \m/ :)

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