Sunday, July 11, 2010

"the rainmaker"

it rained continuously for six days
as if the six days were trying to
wash away our six years of love

year 1, the storm
the year of whirlwind love
of uncertainty and not knowing
of mustard skies
the year that made everything bloom

year 2, beach rain
'twas twice that year
we beached in the rain
soaking our feet into the rainsand
with four droplets on your face and
and three in my hand

year 3, the drizzle
it was the year where everything was moist

year 4, hail mary
then love started to hurt
stripping us of all things happy

year 5, overcast
overcast skies gave way to
unstoppable fires
no rain
the year of waiting for something
to happen
end or begin

year 6, the downpour
and this is the year of the downpour
the year i'll drown
in thoughts of you
as the sea tears us apart

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