Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cops and Rats

Ever since I bought my car (two years ago), I've been afraid that it's either going to be stolen or it's going to be broken into.

And sure enough finally today the latter happened.

I came to Goregaon last evening to give my car to my garage (Avinash Auto) but Avinash wasn't there. So we (V and I) decided to go back in the morning. I parked my car outside V's gate and got a good night's sleep.

We headed out in the morning (at around 10:30 AM) to see the passenger window smashed, and the deck panel hanging out of the dashboard. Like so:
Eeeeeks right!

So then we headed straight to the police station (which was in Malad) through narrow narrow lanes. Me fuming. V throwing water on my fumings.

We sat at the police station for almost two hours, "discussing" with the cop whether or not he should include the "stolen" deck in the FIR.

The senior inspector at the station insisted that we only lodge a complaint for the broken window and damaged dashboard because only that is covered by insurance. "Anyway you are not going to get any money for the deck." He was hell bent on saving his "investigation time." Instead he wrote about the stolen deck in a separate register. Though we don't really know the purpose of that register. When we did suggest (at least 5 times) that we don't mind a longer procedure, but we'd like the deck reported, he got really really belligerent. At some point, I called my cousin to ask him what to do. And he said, write everything right? Then the inspector asked me what my "dad" said (he thought I was talking to my dad), I said he said "write  everything" -- so the cop said -- "and he's what a police officer" -- oooh scary.

Either way, it was 2 now and I was hungry and wanted to get the whole ordeal over with. So we filed two reports. One for the insurance, and one for the stolen deck. 

Now for the most FREAKY part of the story. When investigating the car with the officer, V noticed a black object on the dashboard. And it was a black plastic cover with a SKULL face (danger skull face) on it! The mark of the robber. Oooooooooh - the plot thickens.

The robber was also a very neat robber. There was no damage to the rest of the car. My pretty blue stole was still in the car along with my headphones and my aux cable. But he did take my hamburger CD case (which Masato, my Japanese friend, gave me :()

So then V and I wondered why the autocop didn't go off.

But three days ago, my wipers stopped working (which is why I was coming to the garage in the first place) and so did the noise of the autocop. Did the thief-er know that?

So then we went to the Spark service centre to get the window replaced. But they didn't have any spare windows. We also reported the non-working autocop. On examining that, the guy said, the wire has been cut. So we thought the robbers must've done that as a preventive measure.

But then, some guy came to check the wipers, and he said those wires have also been cut -- but he thinks by rats! So that would explain the rats eating the autocop wire as well!

Rats? Really? This whole thing happened because some rats ate my autocop wires and wiper wires. Really!


Moral of the story:
1. Don't make fun of your autocop noise and don't wish that it would stop
2. Don't diss the rats

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flaming coppercat said...

but thank god it was rats and not the thief, right? imagine if thieves could outsmart autocops!

the thief watches too much bollywood. full krisshhhh like!

j get a scooter now. or take my imaginary one!