Thursday, May 13, 2010

Indian Ocean

Last night, I went for an Indian Ocean concert. The last Indian Ocean concert I went for was in 2002, and I think that's the last time they played here in Mumbai. The band was then Susmit (guitar, vocals), Asheem (tabla, tarag, vocal, other percussion), Rahul (bass guitar, vocals), and Amit (drums, gabgubi, recorder, other percussion). Asheem passed on last December (of a heart attack), and most thought that the band had lost their "soul" with Asheem. They've added two members to the band since then: Chakravarty (tabla) and Joshi (vocals). They have a long way to go in "fitting into" the image of the band. Although a bit off key in some songs, Indian Ocean certainly still has the power to stir an audience.

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