Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Post-It #6


Saltwater Blues said...

hahaha ... 9 out of 10 you'll end up roasted to a crisp. Or if it's a case of midair decompression you'll be blown to smithereens. And if you crash into the ocean the water will either be too cold to swim or shark infested ... or both! So yeah - don't plan for an air crash :)

scratchpost said...

man, what a pessimist.

Saltwater Blues said...

ha! you won't believe it -- on my 16 hour non-stop flight from Bom to NYC last year that was all I could think about. I was most terrified when we were flying over Iran (you can never tell with those rotters!)and Greenland where the outside temp was -55C. Just imagine - if we crash-landed there we'd have to survive on the flesh of all them dead Guju aunties). But they didn't even let me carry my Swiss Army Knife, so how would I slice up them aunties? Any way you think about it you're a gonner.

Glad you liked the song. Coltrane is one of my favs btw.

scratchpost said...

ahem! why are iranians rotters exactly? or do you mean them americans are rotters, so it's natural that your life will be in danger when they take their revenge? either way it's best to be politically correct on the blog of the underdog.

(ha ha) but landing in greeland would be a crash that even producers haven't thought of. i can totally imagine the script. of how you survive, that is, not die, survive.

then when are you coming back, i'll try my best to not let your 16-hour thought go in vain. i do have connections in iran :)

athiran said...

Rip Cord - Jamie Thomas

Do not put forward anything that
yon cannot prove by experimentation
-Louis Pasteur

If we were meant to jump from airplanes,
our wings would look less like arms
pumping very fast. I discovered gravity
and the ER in one afternoon
of aversion therapy. The tree moved not.
I met the ground. Hated the sky since.
I like my fear served with a side of reason, as in
There is no reason to find yourself
outside the aircraft at 10,000 feet.
It's what separates me from my fellow animals:
I go in for the known, and have opinions
of the unknown too. This is me being
honest here, normally a midnight solitary thing.
This is honesty here being created, like a billboard,
which is different from truth, truth exists
whether we create it or not.
I'm knocking what I haven't tried.
I'll take your word for it.
Fear and reason. Oatmeal raisin.
Some words are meant to follow others,
some people as well.