Sunday, August 16, 2009

key learnings from ladakh

i have changed
i take my sense of fairness too far (so far that i've become intolerant if i don't perceive something as being fair)
i've lost some compassion
i've lost a lot of understanding
i have too much unspent energy
i don't give third, fourth, and fifth chances
i live in the past
i live in the future
it takes me unusually long to let go
i stick to safety
i complain
i want more comfort
i want more love
i want more space
i want more me
i'm no longer cool
i'm no longer happy-go-lucky
or lucky-go-happy

but i hope we will always be
like the mountains and the sea
my dear bumblebees

1 comment:

Shalini said...

Beautifully said. Travels open up our world for us.