Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Best of Japan

11 things I loved about Japan!
1. The peaches
2. The order in chaos at the stations
3. The toilets and baths and spas
4. The colours in the city
5. The giant robot
6. Onsen
7. The politeness and hospitality
8. Golden town
9. Akiba
10. The cool products in supermarkets (like nanotechnology toothpaste and micro-fiber mats)
11. The narrow narrow lanes, everywhere!

9 things I didn't love about Japan!
1. The grey and brown and grey and brown and grey and brown spread of buildings
2. The over-politeness
3. Fish eggs
4. Finding Dolphin in the supermarket
5. The history
6. The street signals
7. The unbelievable taxi fare, toll fare, and parking fare
8. The silence in trains
9. The double nature of people

1 comment:

slew said...

o. brilliant brilliant jaya. thanks so much.

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