Thursday, June 11, 2009

opening time

i think when i am pmsing i would certainly be capable of killing someone
maybe the army should use that as a tactic, to induce rage into its soldiers
pms hormones

well niki and i have spent the first three weeks, rather calmly, no fights
she's been really supportive of my weightloss, feeding me, encouraging me
all the things you'd expect out of an elder sister
yes, she is a bit controlling, but that's how she can be effective (or so i have told myself)

and then today while walking back home from the library, suddenly, out of nowhere i decided to snap back at one of her controlling child-rearing remarks
i was all ready to pack up and head home!

luckily, it is chirag's birthday tomorrow so we all calmed down pretty quickly
and we all love each other again!


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dramaqueen said...

o this is too much

my snapping-back moment happened in the middle of central park
fortunately it was viv's birthday a few days later so we all calmed down