Friday, November 14, 2008

(on competition) note to a

you should step into our shoes
to know and feel what it is like
(maybe you already know)
trying to keep half your life away
from people
you are sharing your one whole life with

my hip and my lung
as my mother puts it

to see anger on their faces on some days
and happiness on others
and not know what it is about
(both ways)

(to not share some of the greatest things you have done)
(to not let them be proud of you)
(both ways)

sometimes to see them only on weekends (or in midsleep)
(when you live with them)
and not know what it is about
(both ways)

don't be overly hateful and harm yourself by
questioning loyalty
questioning good common sense
that they have shown for so many years
or help them understand you
by citing examples
so they truly understand
and not hate themselves and hate you

of course they are loyal
they chose didn't they?
trust, shouldn't you?
not use strangers as pawns to question?

also, don't deprive us of
knowledge sharing
to a limited extent, really it's not
going to do you any harm
or me
one world, one life, one city, one
market, one house, one common interest

allow me to share with my friends
my own experiences and hardships
so when they take on greater roles
they can handle it with a calm
that i never could

they have been there for me
for the toughest work period of my life
don't deprive me of
being there for them

be bigger, stronger, fitter, happier
or you'll do more harm than good

this is friendly advice

1 comment:

dramaqueen said...

jj i'm so glad i understand your poems.

but, this is friendly 'advice' :)
why you always get that wrong?