Friday, November 07, 2008

"it's pure physics love"

i have finally understood
from your
perspective why we
can't be together
it took me long
but i understood

know that i love you
to death
and there will always
and i will always
think of you
with a certain fondness
with simplicity

i like you
irrespective of loving you
i like you
the person you are
the things you stand for
your passion
the way you look at things
and care for them

how you try to consider
1001 variables
to be constant
to always be constant

it's pure physics love
it's pure physics, love
love, it's pure physics
physics? it's pure love


scratchpost said...

The absolute end of this poem is as inspired from Jeet Thayil's peom "These errors are correct"

dramaqueen said...

"i like you
irrespective of loving you"
i love this.
please burn jeet thayil CD for me. please please please.

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