Friday, November 28, 2008

blood and shed

The state in Mumbai these past two days has been rather bleak.
For one I'm afraid that if Mom, Dad, and Chirag have to stay in that house for any longer without going out, they will end up killing each other!

Jokes apart, my thoughts:

1. The government needs to collaborate with other countries to figure out where all in the world similar attacks have taken place. It is probably the same group, or the same groups have trained these guys.

2. Regarding the train blasts, or the Malegaon ones, the public is still largely unaware about why that happened. What was the purpose, what was done to resolve the situation?

3. Politics needs to be kept out of this shit, and probably the armed forces need to take up this task.

4. Foreign intelligence should be pulled in if we don't have the know-how -- if we do, then not necessary.

But certainly, the government should make every effort to uncover this this time. To the death of it, and not wait to arrest people 10 to 15 years later and think they have done a great thing.

I also think that they should start taking the help of the common man more.
All these hostages, foreign and Indian, need to be debriefed for any and all clues about the militants, before they are sent into happiness to their respective homes.

Enough of CSI, Mumbai!


1 comment:

Rishi Rawat said...

Great points, I fully agree.

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