Wednesday, June 04, 2008

"Love song of a mad girl"

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it comes rushing up
like hot screaming boiling tea
no, something stronger
like vodka... hot, screaming, boiling
and it stays at that deafening pitch
for days and days on end
it threatens to but does not burst
it hovers just above my skin
burning, burning
how it burns
and it stays there for what seems like ever
and i cannot move, cannot talk, cannot think
of anything
but the burning

then, pop
and it is gone
all at once
suddenly cold
and raging cold sweats
and suddenly cold is like heat
but worse much much worse
it plunges your body
into a profound loneliness
away alone afar
drifting on a sea of ice
rocking and rolling from the weight of
your regrets

and on and on
it stays this way
my life is this way
i tried to explain it to you
do you see now how it is?
i am a mad girl
not silly
all consumingly maddened by
and now

take it as a compliment
if you can
for it is
it is
in some mad way
that i will try to explain
like this

when it burns
i see you burn
when it is cold
i see you cold
like repels like
but we are
you and i
and that will
bond us
for eternity

and mad girls like me
we can survive
on these bonds
on these intangibles
that others forget

mad girls like me
because this is our
of true love.

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