Saturday, June 18, 2011

Racism in South Bombay

My parents live in a seemingly swanky South Bombay building. But amidst all its 'progressive' propaganda lies more than a hint of racism.

The sign-age put up above my lifts in Sagar Sangeet in Colaba in the six months since I last visited:
Lift 1: "Residents and Guests"
Lift 2: "Residents and Guests"
Lift 3: "Luggage, Servants, and Suppliers"

So let's get this straight: The same people who take care of your children, wash your cars, clean your house, run your errands, and cook your food are too ??? to travel in the same lift as you?

Yes, I'm lost for words.

We might as well say, yes, of course, we condone the caste system (or what it turned into). Please wake up now, today, not tomorrow, but today, now.

Being Stray


There are two problems with all kinds of 'stray':
1. They become pests
2. They get injured

Addressing point 2, instead of killing them or sterilising them because the human in us can't see them that way, why don't we try putting 'Dog-friendly area' road signs in dog-loving neighbourhoods as one measure. Automatically people will know to look out for them while driving, reducing their chance of injury. Perhaps even a 'throw bone' area where people chuck their chicken bones?

Let's give coexistence a real chance before taking the easy (and cheaper) way out.

And every time you see an injured dog or cat and can't bear it, this about this: Would you go around putting injured humans to sleep? Evolution has it that we choose for them. Let's use our supreme intelligence to find better solutions.

Addressing point 1, I understand that being human gives you the power, but you also have the compassion. Don't forget that.

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