Wednesday, June 15, 2005


don’t die
sweet naïve girl
don’t grieve
when my building burns

i am not a monster
but you, too, should start scheming
find her
she hides in everyone

maybe i’m a pretender
but i didn’t pretend with you
sometimes i may have hid behind my disgust
my apathy
sometimes i may have hid behind my love
my gratitude

you don’t know what you do to me
sweet naïve girl
you own me most of the time

your small choco-nut toes
your pepper fingers
your touch
they bring mountains to my skin

i too am scared sometimes

we’ll meet some other day dear
when we’re well
when we have nothing to lose
we’ll build our castle
with books and candle light dosa dinners
and i’ll lick the alm-cream off your skin
while you hum

Saturday, June 11, 2005


i broke up with veena today
lots of reasons really
if i list them
they may seem silly
most of all, i just got tired
of explaining, of reasoning

so i sit here
to the naked anechoic sounds
eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
in the last scene, he says "ok"
i imagine me and veena
and me saying "ok"

love can overlook a lot
time is the bitch in this game

no more lovepoems
no more persuassion
no more waking up to sunshine

we'll still watch hindi movies though

Change your heart
Look around you
Change your heart
It will astound you
I need your lovin'
Like the sunshine

Everybody's gotta learn sometime
Everybody's gotta learn sometime
Everybody's gotta learn sometime

—Beck (Everybody's gotta learn sometimes)

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