Monday, December 13, 2004


of all the stupid things i've done and said, this was surely the stupidest
just like that, i escaped everything that was happy

Friday, December 03, 2004

beds, toilets, you and me

think of the beds
used again and again
to fuck in
to die in.

in this land
some of us fuck more than
we die
but most of us die
better than we
and we die
piece by piece too--
in parks
eating ice cream, or
in igloos
of dementia,
or on straw mats
or upon disembarked

:beds beds beds
:toilets toilets toilets

the human sewage system
is the world's greatest
and you invented me
and I invented you
and that's why we don't
get along
on this bed
any longer.
you were the world's
greatest invention
until you
flushed me

now it's your turn
to wait for the touch
of the handle.
somebody will do it
to you,
and if they don't
you will--
mixed with your own
green or yellow or white
or blue
or lavender

Charles Bukowski

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