Tuesday, September 14, 2004

void memory sixty-five

she ran to pick up the phone. ringing like a bellowing camel. it was hard to realise the demons. the demons were hard to realise. her family had long left for another. bathing seems inspid without you. to bubble but not to burst, she said, petulantly. swallow. swallow slow. swallow blue. the entire monsoon sky.


working across each other seemed fine at that the time. sitting
across. moving across. every mo(ve)ment. watching across. sinewy angle.

it's difficult to keep this train. of thought. the movie. fingers. movie
fingers dancing. escalating. leaving. then, after a little while, returning.

chapter 2: social settings.
to fall out of a kiss smiling. giant. the eyes are watching from the mirrors in the autorickshaws.

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